Orthodontic clear aligners treatment


The OCAT ALIGNERS system is a wholly owned trademark of the Saudi Dental Lab Tech , which is fully protected by the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property the trademark system for the Arab Gulf states that means : orthodontic clear aligners treatment.

 The OCAT ALIGNERS system is designed and manufactured by the Saudi Dental Lab Tech through a specialized team and through an advanced programming system from the Spanish company Nemotec. Saudi Dental lab Tech has obtaining the program license with a working team for technical support from the company.

Action Steps


Initial diagnosis




Study preliminary photos of the case from the design team


Send the result of the case study to the dentist


Taking a very fine print of all the details of the surrounding teeth and soft tissues


Panorama X-ray and CBCT


Study Editions


the design


Send a video clip showing how the teeth move


Manufacture after design video approval.



The manufacturing period after design approval is 10 working days

? (ocat aligner) What is orthodontic treatment with transparent slides?

It is an orthodontic treatment to properly reposition the teeth without the use of wires, by using computer systems (CAD CAM) in their design and manufacture, as determined by the specialist. It is a transparent and moving mold that is specially made for each case as an alternative to the traditional orthodontic in some cases, and it is used to move the teeth for small distances with patients who need orthodontic treatment, and it is a series of consecutive molds made of plastic material with a thickness of 0.7 mm and its color is semi-transparent They are attached to the patient's teeth for specific periods of time so that they are replaced after each period ends; The patient puts it for twenty hours a day to get the best possible result, and it is changed every two weeks under the supervision of the doctor. The transparent braces are so hidden that it cannot be noticed and can be removed at every meal and when brushing the teeth to keep them clean. This technology is specially designed for people who want to straighten their teeth and to have a beautiful smile without the patient feeling embarrassed during the treatment period due to the appearance of metal clips and wire used in orthodontics during the period of treatment


Instructions for use

How to remove the device

  • Using the fingers by gently pushing the device from one side of one of the molars and moving the fingers with a light push to the other side.
  • To protect the device from damage, avoid removing the device frequently, and to limit its removal only in necessary cases.
  • Do not use any sharp object to remove the device.
  • When you take out the device, immediately rinse it with water and shake off the excess water and place it in the dedicated box included with your set of devices.
  • Do not use excessive force when removing the device, as it may bend or warp.

How to install the device

  • Make sure that you are holding the correct device, both upper and lower, which are located in a packaged and numbered manner according to the manufacturer's order, and note that the upper device is offset by the lower and not to confuse them with other devices.
  • When inserting the device, press the device gently starting from the front teeth, then continue to gently press the device from the side of the back molars on the left and then the right side until the device is in place on all teeth.
  • Make sure that every device that is inserted at any stage of the treatment must be completely stable on the teeth, and note that it should not
    There should be spaces between the edge of the device and the edge of the teeth, in case the device is not fully settled in place on the teeth, it will be moved
    Teeth are slow and so the next device is delayed, which means a longer treatment period.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before handling the device.
  • Do not hold more than one device at the same time.
  • Each device must be worn for a maximum of two weeks, 14 to 15 days.
  • The duration of the device's stay in the jaw should not be less than 17 hours per day.
  • The device should remain in place throughout the day, except for meal times and tooth brushing.
  • Achieving a high effectiveness of appropriate treatment depends to a large extent on your interaction and following instructions.

Care and maintenance of transparent devices

  • The appliances are cleaned with each insertion with a soft brush and toothpaste under running water and brushed until a complete clean.
  • Never use any disinfectant or any of the movable formula cleaners and do not dip them in a mouthwash solution, as these products damage the surfaces of clear braces.
  • Use toothpaste, brush and floss to clean your teeth after every meal, ready to
    reinsert the device.

Clear Orthosis storage

  • Always store devices in place with strapping bags.
  • Never put appliances in tissues or any other bags. And never put devices in a pocket that you can sit in.
  • Always keep recently used appliances in their bags and keep them close to you. If you lose your current device or
    Broken, you have to communicate directly with your doctor to decide whether to return to the previous device or you can move to the next device or make another device at a cost
    Additional, this is up to the discretion of the treating physician and the extent of the need for the case.

Inspection, planning and manufacturing procedures for the OCAT algners system.

صورة داخلية لسانية

An internal lingual image

صورة داخلية

Internal palatal image

صورة أمامية للفكين في وضع العضة المفتوحة

Anterior view of the jaws in the open bite position

الفكين فى وضع الاطباق

Second: Photography

Anterior image of the jaws In the normal occlusal position


First: the initial diagnosis


Side portrait of the face right in normal position


Side portrait of the face left in normal position

صورة أمامية للوجه في وضع الابتسامة

Smile face portrait

صورة أمامية للوجه في الوضع الطبيعي

Front view of the face in normal position

صورة جانبية يسار في وضع الإطباق الطبيعي

Left side image in normal occlusal position

صورة جانبية يمسن في وضع الإطباق الطبيعي

Right side profile in the normal occlusal position

Third: To study the initial photos of the case from the design team

Fourth: Send the result of the case study to the dentist

Specifications of dental imprints for transparent braces

1- The print material covers all soft tissues

Around the teeth and the entire surface of the palate in relation to the upper jaw.

2- To use high quality silicone material to take


3- All details must be accurate, clear and free

From air bubbles.

4- That a handgun be used to mix the two print materials (

Manual mixing is not acceptable).

Fifthly: Taking a very fine print of all the details of the surrounding teeth and soft tissues

Pictures showing some defects in the prints that cannot be Deal with it in the transparent calendar

How is the product presented to the customer?

The product is presented in a luxurious carton package that contains inside it:

1- The transparent orthodontic slides are numbered according to the order of use and are wrapped in durable transparent bags.
2- Usage Instructions Form.
3- A group of photos of the case before treatment.